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Steel Service Group is a company leader in the steel and metal market, with several years of experience in this field. Our Company is able to offer a huge range of steel products (such as: sheets, pipes, bars and tapes) and to satisfy every request because we can offer every kind of type of our products (304, 310, 316, 430 and 441) and every kind of finishes (such as: F1, almond, 2B, BA, satin, flowered and repolished).
Steel Service Group is a strong company also because of our exclusive for Italy to sell the Rimex Uk products. These are high quality items thanks to the fifties years experience of Rimex Uk and Steel Service Group, as official partner of Rimex Uk is able to offer infinite kind of articles (such as: stiffened steel, colored steel, satin steel and also some exclusive pieces as the Metal-Art ones). As far as our products are concerned, we are also able to provide carbon bars and aluminum sheets.

That said Steel Service Group, thanks to the huge range of products commercialized and to the high knowledge of our staff is able to understand and satisfy every kind of request from our clients. Thanks to our strong relationship with supplier and with transport’s company Steel Service Group is FLEXIBLE, RELIABLE and PROFESSIONAL. Customer care and client satisfaction are our priority. For ending, we can surely say that Steel Service Group is certainty, is safety, in one word we are REALITY.



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